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This is Talk Back, a podcast where two fans debate the over-sold media point-of-view and discuss the world of sports as we see it. Welcome to the show!


ABOUT Talk Back

Justin and Eric’s history of talking sports began way back in 2001 when they met at Eastern University as roommates. Their shared interest in basketball, football, NASCAR, and even WWE wrestling at the time, was an instant bond that turned into a lifelong friendship. Although you’ll commonly find them arguing about Jordan vs. Lebron today, nothing can break the connection they initially formed over hundreds of hours of Madden football, CheezIts, Oreos, and even a pet turtle in the dorm room they named Kurt, after Kurt Angle the wrestler.


Justin GayJustin Gay – Host & Director of Content

Justin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Business Management which allowed him the opportunity to do an internship in Philadelphia with the Sixers and Flyers where he was hired full-time.  Unfortunately due to the NHL lockout in 2005, he learned how difficult the sports landscape can be for teams, players, and team personnel, which you’ll hear him discuss on the show.

Justin decided to pivot in his career and has since been a sales professional working in the pharmaceutical industry.  Justin and his wife Erin will be married 10 years in June of 2018.  They have a daughter who turned 4 in March of 2018, and are expecting a baby boy in July 2018.  Justin was a 4x conference All-Star in basketball in high school and scored over 1,400 points as a 4 year starter.  After several significant knee injuries, he decided not to play basketball in college but focused on coaching the game in his local community.  Now his focus is on his personal health, staying in shape, and trying to sneak in the occasional round of golf with his podcast co-host.  Justin’s favorite teams are the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Baltimore Orioles.  Listeners to the show know that Justin’s favorite athlete is Michael Jordan and will hear the co-hosts regularly go back in forth on NBA debates.  Justin is a huge fan of the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, and college sports along with being an avid fan of Daily Fantasy Sports.  Interact with Justin any time via Twitter at @TalkBackJustin.


Eric NesbitEric Nesbit – Co-host & Producer

Eric graduated with a BA in marketing, but didn’t actually use his degree for the first three years after college because he spent time as a golf professional in the PGA of America in Boca Raton, Florida. His ultimate goal was to become a playing pro, but family circumstances brought him back to Pennsylvania, where he entered the surgical device industry as a sales executive, a role he has had for 13 years.

Eric’s immediate family includes a dedicated wife of 17 years and three children, ages 11, 9, and 3. They don’t all love sports as much as he does, but they put up with his viewing schedule quite well, and have been fully supportive of the Talk Back podcast. You’ll find Eric cheering most loudly for the Philadelphia Eagles and Sixers, along with the New York Jets and Mets. His favorite athlete is without a doubt Lebron James, which you’ll hear plenty about when you tune in each week during the NBA season. Interact with Eric any time via Twitter at @TalkBackEric.

You are invited to contact the show using the contact page on the website with any questions or suggestions regarding the show, and they’d always love to hear your thoughts about the world of sports via @TalkBackFanTalk on both Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for listening, enjoy the show!